The Dark Crystal is coming back: A prequel series to the beloved Jim Henson Classic is on it’s way from Netflix!


There are a lot of fans out there that love The Dark Crystal.  I am not one of them.  Though I have fond memories of the movie from childhood I went back not too long ago and tried to watch it.   For me, the movie didn’t hold up.  Maybe it is because I’m not a kid anymore and wasn’t able to look beyond the 1980’s style puppets, or maybe it was the writing (not good), I’m not sure.  I know that watching how the characters interacted physically was difficult, I just couldn’t get past them trying touch each other and it feeling kind of icky.  That being said I think the villains were terrific and did exactly what a good villain is supposed to do.  They scared my ten year old self.

The imagination behind it is still amazing, yet, there was something about it that left me feeling a little off and kind of irritated. I think it is safe to say that this was not a movie for intended for little kids, but, there is definitely an audience of people who were teens when it came out that look back at this one like some people look at Star Wars.  I have just never been one of those people.

Still, I thought it was worth mentioning that Netflix is doing a prequel series.  Maybe it won’t give me the heebee Jeebees the way the original did.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that puppet technology has changed a lot since the original was made so maybe I can get over my issues with this kind of story telling.  Maybe now I will see why people love the movie so much.  Stranger things have happened.  Remember, the movie is not for little kids, probably anyone above the age of ten.  Check out the trailers and link for more info.

‘Dark Crystal’ Prequel Series in the Works at Netflix


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