What do you do with your kids on the hottest days of the year? Start here with the First Annual Popkids Summer Movie Preview!!


Hi everybody!  Here is The Popkids Summer Movie Preview.  To be honest, it seems kind of bleak out there for kid’s entertainment on the big screen this Summer with a couple of bright spots mostly for the teenage set.  I’m sure everyone they will enjoy the 3rd Despicable Me movie but wouldn’t would be nice to have something like Kubo and the Two Strings or Inside Out to look forward to taking the kids to.  Who know, maybe Captain Underpants will live up to the books and give us what we need.

Let the Summer Movie Preview begin!

For the Kids!!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul: May 19th

I have seen none of the Wimpy Kids movies and so can’t say much about them other than I head the first one was funny.  This one, the third, sounds like it might have reached that made for TV Disney movie quality where all the characters are portrayed by different actors than they were in the first one.  Like I said, I know nothing about them other than what I’ve heard.  Which is not much.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie: June 2nd

I remember the Captain Underpants books from my days working in the book industry and thought they were really funny.  The stories revolved around two kids who’s made up superhero becomes real.  One can only hope that the movie holds onto some smart humor.  Fingers crossed.

Cars 3: June 16th

We are not a fan of the Cars movies, but we love Pixar.  I have only seen one of the movies and I remember feeling like Pixar was scratching the bottom of their very full and amazingly creative barrel.  I remember guns, explosions, and violence galore in the first one.  Our son Max loves the characters and we let him watch a Cars short on Netflix, but we keep him away from the movies.  This is a kid who can see Star Wars, but not Cars.  Also I think it’s creepy.  I mean they have no drivers.  There are no humans at all.  Just machines that inhabit the earth.  Maybe that’s where we’re headed and it just makes me uncomfortable.

Despicable Me 3: June 30th

Admittedly I have enjoyed the Despicable Me movies.  They are funny and kind of dopy dumb but the design of the movies is sort of old fashioned James Bond Sci-fi cool, and all the voice work is always great.  They also introduced the minions into our pop culture lexicon.  If you listen to the language they speak you can make out French, English and Spanish.  I’m sure the third one will be just as entertaining as the last ones, though I have a feeling Gru and his Minions will run their course soon.


The Emoji Movie: July 28th

Don’t know.  Don’t care.  Someone tell me I should care.

Nutjob 2: August 11th

Yeah, I saw Nutjob.  The only think I remember liking about Nutjob was saying the title.  It just seems so wrong for a kids movie.  I recall literally nothing about the first one except that it was about a heist involving nuts and animals.  Go at your own peril.

Leap: August 30th

Leap looks like it could be a really charming little movie.  It is about a girl who flees home in rural France and goes to Paris to become a pupil at the Grand Opera House.  The great thing about animated films is that you can take out the language they were written in and substitute any language you want.  I say this because I do it all the time and know it is that easy.  (I know nothing) This way the story often retains some of the culture it was originally produced in.  This one was released in it’s original country, France, a while ago and has been re dubbed with American actors.  I’ll see it.

For the Teens!!

Everything, Everything: May 19th

I have a couple on here for the teen set.  The trailer for this makes it seem like another Fault in Our Stars.  A girl who cannot leave her house or she will get deathly ill, because of everything, meets the new neighbor boy who opens her eyes to life, romance, and her over bearing but loving mother.  I’m all for these movies.  When I saw the trailer I even said I would rather see 10 of these than most of what is out there for teenagers.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men Tell No Tales: May 26th

I don’t know about you but I did not need another one of these.  Not sure if I saw the last one or not.  I just remember they were so loooong toward the end.  Who knows maybe this one will make everybody stand up and cheer.  I much prefer to think anything will be great than terrible.  So lets hope this one is great!


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets: July 21st

Based on the French series of comics (I don’t call these graphic novels, they are old fashioned comics) by Pierre Christin and Jean Mézières, which we wrote about here, comes what looks like a great old fashioned sci-fi romp.  This is one that is strictly for the teenagers out there not the kids.  It was helmed by Luc Besson who is best known for The Fifth Element made in 1997 and looks to have a similar look and feel.  I’ve always been a lover and defender of Fifth Element and my hope is that this finds the same kind of classic creativity that is often missing in science fiction.  I’m gonna see it but my five-year-old won’t.

Midnight Sun: August 4th

Ask and ye shall receive.  This is yet another movie about a girl who can’t go outside.  This time due to a dangerous reaction to the sun.  Then…wait for it…she meets a boy and they starts a Summer romance that will change her life.  This one is based upon a Japanese movie made in 2006 that was popular in Japan.  Maybe the American version will retain some thing that made the original great and we will find ourselves with a new teen classic.  You never know.

Enjoy your Summer!!



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