What’s all the Hoopla? This is the Hoopla and it is the best thing for traveling with kids since watching planes land!


Last week I was pretty open about the fact that traveling as a solo parent was sounding a little intimidating.  It wasn’t the being there alone with him part that worried me, it was the airport and the potential for who knows what happening within our travels.  Well, like all many adventures with kids, stuff happened.  We were all set to go.  Ready for our two-hour flight.  Sitting in the plane.  Then…the door wouldn’t close.  They took us off and had to find another plane for us.  This was what I trained for.  All that preparing for unstructured time in the airport with a child was finally here and I was ready for it.

Entertain me!!

First, it was entertainment with those around us.  A really nice lady showed Max and pictures and told him a story, then we moved on to the running around the airport portion of the day, where he ran in the gate area, then, we moved on to electronic entertainment.  One of the things I learned about on this trip was Hoopla.  I discovered it through my public library.  It is a website and app that gives you access to borrowing thousands of books, movies, TV shows and more and all you need is a local library card.  Once back on the place we then had another two hours to think about and I knew Max would want to have some entertainment for at least part of that time.  He had been a real trooper even going so far as to carry luggage to help me out, so I wanted to make sure he had a treat.

1000’s of read along books

I had downloaded three of his favorite books from Hoopla in the read along form.  These are those books that you can watch on your tablet that fall someplace between books and movies.  That are just the pictures from the books but slightly animated so it gives the appearance of motion.  In addition, they scroll the words of the story across the bottom of the screen so kids can read along.  These have been a lifesaver, even now that we are back, as I’ve been pretty sick, and reading out loud is really hard on me right now.  I also downloaded some comics for me to read on the plane.  I haven’t tried movies or TV shows yet, but it seems like a no brainer to me, you can either stream them or download them and they have a ton of stuff for kids.  You are limited to 20 items a month but if you space those out you can make it last a long time.  Hoopla is Popkids new favorite app!


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