See you later! We are outta here! Traveling with Kids is can be Stressful, but it can be Bearable and Fun?


Thursday is a big day for me and my five year old.  Max and I will be taking our first trip by ourselves.  We are heading down to California, wine country to be specific, for my brother’s wedding and to have a little Daddy Max time.  Nicole, my wife, was unable to go because of work, and our six month old is staying home with her.  I will admit I’m a little nervous about the trip, which is kind of silly, as I have spent plenty of time alone with my son, but, I have never traveled alone with him.  I have this image of getting stuck at airports and having to figure out how to entertain him for hours on end and buying him 40 dollar mac n’cheese at the terminal or getting lost in a rental car and having to spend the night in a hotel because we can’t find the destination.  All things good and crazy that are based on feeling like I will fail at parenting.

Planning for traveling

So, I’m planning ahead.  As far as food goes I will be packing a ton of snacks, but that’s not the really important stuff. (Kidding)  No.  We will need a variety of potential entertainment.  I say potential because it is my belief that you never know what will happen when you travel but, knowing airports, there will be some time sitting around where we need to find something to occupy our time.  After the ten minutes of watching planes gets old we will need to move on to more substantial kinds of entertainment.  Since our devices are so handy to travel with I will be focused on how much stuff I can get on the pad, also, I really just want to bring one bag.  So here is my list.  Let me know what you think, if you have pluses or minuses for the list, or share with us your list for traveling with kids (No matter the age).

  1. IPad: On said device there will be the normal games and apps.  Most importantly the Toca Boca apps.  They are hours of fun and teach him to use his imagination and logical brain.  We love these and you can see our full write up of them here.  In addition I am putting a story time app on there.  One where he can follow along the words while someone reads the story.  If you have a suggestion for one let me know.  There is one by apple on our appleTV but strangely enough not one for the iPad.    Now that Netflix lets you download I can also put some episodes on there for him to watch sporadically.
  2. A bag of Legos or some other building blocks.  He can do this one the floor or on the tray table when it is not in its upright and locked position.
  3. Stuffed animals.  We have penguin, puppy, and now baby jaguar.  He will choose one.

I’ll let you know if this list actually pans out or if he changes it on me.  He’s really good at convincing me he needs more stuff.  See you when we get back!


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