Check out this great site dedicated to empowering girls with books, toys, and movies!

A Mighty Girl Empowers Girls by Featuring Books, Movies, and Toys that Empower Girls


A Mighty Girl: A great site just for empowering girls with books, movies and toys!

We often talk about how girls are under represented in pop culture and how there should be more access to stories that focus on them.   Often I find myself watching a show with my son, that is geared toward boys, even if it might not realize it.  Kids programming is hard because so much of it is based on teaching and I think because of that gender can sometimes get lost.  Why not teach based on content and just have more shows for girls?  I know they would watch, read, and play with these things and I bet boys would too, leaving them better educated in what it means to be a girl.

We found this great store/site called A Mighty Girl.  It’s a site dedicated to books, toys, and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls.  They have a terrific list of books that all have to do with Spring.  Since things seems to be in bloom we thought we would give them a heyhowdoyoudo.  Check out the list and the rest of the site!

Check out the list and the rest of the site here!


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