Spring Break! It’s coming. Games, Movies, Books, and Toys to keep the kids occupied and happy


Spring Break is coming!  Here are some suggestions for you and your kids to keep busy and have fun with some games, movies, books, and toys !


We love some game time.  Sit down with your kids and some games from a Popkids favorite and time will fly!

Play Monster has an amazing assortment of games that could literally keep you occupied, and having fun for days.  One of our favorites is Yeti in my Spaghetti.  Check them out here!



If you have spent any time on our site you know we are big fans of great motion pictures for kids.  This past year we have been heavy supporters of Laika, the company responsible for the amazing Kubo and The Two Strings, BoxTrolls, ParaNorman, and more.  They are so worth seeing for the storytelling and craft that goes into each one.  But be warned, they can be on the heavy side for some kids, so you should watch them before your they do.  Make sure your little ones are on par with the movies content.  They are all available to stream from Amazon and iTunes.



Oh boy do we have a recommendation for books.  There will be a full length post on these at some point, but for now, trust us when we say you should check out The Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi.  Graphic novels from scholastic that have a great story, monsters, magic, lessons about family and more.  The Illustrations are amazing and they are compulsively readable for kids and grown ups.  My son tore through the first two books and  went right back and read them again.  They have a strong female protagonist and a fantastic world to get lost in.




We’ve been talking about Legos a lot lately with the Batman Lego Movie, the Ninjago Movie, and just, you know, plain old Legos in the world.   I sometimes hear my son talking to himself while he is in the middle of creating with them, which always tells me he will be occupied for ages.  Also, if you live near a Lego Store you can go there and build your own bag of Legos.  It’s a great way to get out of the house, let them come up with a thing they want to build, (Instead of a kit), and give them a project that will keep them happy and busy.


Let us know if you have some pop culture magic for your kids during Spring Break.

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