Yeti in my Spaghetti


On a rainy day when either my wife or I are home alone with our kids, our eldest son Max will inevitably ask to play a game of some kind.  The kind you sit on the floor crosslegged and hope you already know the rules too.  Because in our house if you don’t already know the rules, Max is quick to make them up, and then, those rules end up being how we play for the rest of time.  Ive tried to correct this but find that he gets quite attached to the way he’s decided these things work.   Most of the time they are games that I know very well, mostly because, we have played them over and over again.  This means that if it is something simple like Go Fish we already know the real rules, but if it is something like this strange and random Scooby Doo racing game we have(I don’t know where it came from), Max has made up a mysterious set of rules I am forced to remember every time we play.  This is all to say that when he received the game Yeti in My Spaghetti this year for his birthday, I was thrilled.

Yeti falls into the tradition of games like Pick up Sticks or Jenga.  The rules are simple and Play Monster, the company who makes it, has found a nice little nitch to call their own in the gravity vs. kid game variation.  In this one you are provided with a bunch of plastic noodles, a bowl, and the titular Yeti; a funny looking little guy who falls someplace between adomadable snowman and and the Pillsbury dough boy.  That’s it, no more pieces.  You had me at easy clean up.  You place the noodles over the top of the bowl and then lay the Yeti on top of them.  Then each player pulls a noodle out until the yeti falls into the bowl.  Max and I will sit on the floor and play it over and over again, tallying up who lost each time, until we finish, and whoever missed loosing the yeti the most is the winner.  The  we clean it up in 5 seconds.  Did i mention I love that?

The box says great for four and up.  I’d agree with with that.

Grown ups:****



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