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Check out Popkids! An awesome new website for grown-ups, exploring pop culture for kids. Produced by parents, for parents, it’s designed to inform, entertain, and enlighten. Check it out at and let them know what you think.    

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Here are some tidbits about Popkids:

  • What is it? 

Popkids is an awesome new website for grown-ups, exploring pop culture for kids. Produced by parents, for parents, it’s designed to inform and entertain.

  • Who is behind it?

These two guys!

Jon Mitten

Josh Beerman

  • What type of content do you publish?

On Popkids you’ll find reviews, write ups, notifications, musings, helpful hints, and most importantly, other parents relaying experiences about their kids and the pop culture in their lives.

  • Why create this resource?

On the day of the baby shower for Josh’s wife, a group of fathers all got together to hang out and let their kids play, their spouses all all the shower.  Jon and Josh got to talking about a movie they wanted their kids to see, but wondered if they were old enough, the movie was rated PG and at the time their kids were four years old.(The movie was Spirited Away)  This led them to a broader conversation about pop culture for kids; Movies, TV, books, games, and toys, where the question was asked:  Is there a resource for these things, for kids, that comes from a different point of view?  Not simply if your child fits an age group or rating system these things are designed for, but, if your child might like, and benefit, from something based simply on the tiny human that they are.  With that idea in mind they started to catalogue their, and their kids, responses to the world of pop culture, breaking them down with a guide for adults and one for kids that is simply based on how everyone responded to what they saw, read, or played.  However, they did not want to just provide reviews and write ups, they also wanted to create a place for parents to be able to communicate with each other directly, to start a dialogue, and form a community based on their kids shared interests that will extend out into the real world.

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  • Angelist: A new site with information about Movies, TV, games, books, and toys for your kids!  Check out Popkids!

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