Dragons Love Tacos and the Art of Repeat Reading


At this point in my almost 5 year olds young life he likes to repeat himself. In the morning when we let him watch some TV I find that he likes to watch episodes of things he has already seen. Sometimes he watches the same episode three days in a row. I will go into the living room, look at the TV, then look at him, and back at the TV. “Didn’t you watch the one yesterday.” “Yeah” he replies back with a mischievous smile, “I like it.” It is as simple as that, he likes it. Sometimes that is as much as I understand as far as why he likes the things he like. Which leads me to Dragons Love Tacos, a perfectly lovely children’s book that I never want to read again. When we first bought the book at The Elliot Bay Book Company I thought it was funny, clever, and charming. That was months ago and I would venture a guess that I have read it at bed time between forty and fifty times. I’m done…or would like to be.
The book acts as a sort of instruction manual on how to be friends with dragons. As we read, the boy in the book, supposedly, listens to our directions. This involves understanding that, if you hadn’t guessed it, dragons love tacos. It gives us the ins and outs of the kinds of tacos Dragons like and that they can eat a lot. The one thing the book tells the boy he must remember is that, although they love tacos, that hate anything spicy. So you must make sure there is no spicy salsa in the tacos for dragons. When you have a party for said dragons you are better off burying the salsa in the backyard just to avoid any chance of dragons eating it. The book combines these charming ideas (that’s not sarcasm, they really are charming) with bright colorful pictures of all kinds of dragons getting excited about a taco party and, like a child, having to hold onto that excitement until the fateful day arrives.

Outside of my disgruntled, over read state, I must say the book is sweet, kind, and fun. I would enjoy it a lot more if I hadn’t read it every night for the last week, but, in the end there is nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t provide any huge lessons or explore anything that I think is helpful developmentally, but is there anything wrong with that? It is funny, silly, and is nice dash of fantasy. The end of the book has the dragons helping to rebuild the boys house which had been torched to a cinder and it asks the question, and I’m paraphrasing: “Why do they help? Are they being good Samaritans or are they just in it for the taco breaks?” I guess we will never really know the answer, much like I will never know why my son likes to watch and read the same things over and over again, which is fine, sometimes it’s just about fun.

Grown ups:***(depending on how many times you’ve read it)


Great for any age.  May be difficult for anyone who can’t handle spicy food.


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