Blues Clues: A Classic in Children’s Programming from Nickjr


I hesitate to say anything bad about Blues Clues on Nickjr. It’s a really sweet show with absolutely nothing negative to spoil a preschoolers good time. It’s not weird like Teletubbies and doesn’t border on creepy like any show with clowns. In many ways it feels like the precursor for a lot of the cartoons we have now, like Jake and the Neverland Pirates or Blaze and the Monster Machines. The whole thing is about involving the child and making them part of whatever activity is happening on screen. It is super educational and reinforces good lessons in only positive ways. The host interacts with Blue who always wants to do something, but the host never knows what. The only way for him to figure out what Blue wants is to ask the kids watching to help him figure it out. The process is always gentle and fun, leaving kids feeling good about solving a puzzle and loving the characters that Blue interacts with.
Now as a parent Blue’s Clues drives me nuts. Something about it annoys me every time I watch it. I think it has more to do with wanting a narrative than anything else, and that, has nothing to do with the show, and everything to do with me as an adult. When I watch shows with my kids in order for me to actually enjoy them I find I need an actual story, if there isn’t one, which there often isn’t with this age group, then I just fade out. My son is four and doesn’t watch Blue’s Clues very much, but I’ve noticed that when he does, I am more likely to leave the room, or really want to leave the room. All that being said, it really is a great show for the preschool set, just not so much for adults.

Adults: *

Kids: ****


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