5 Shows about Math and Science Kids Love!(and won’t drive grown ups crazy)


Team Umi Zoomi: Coneptual Fun with Math and Science

In a land that’s not so far away, Umi City, take a ride with Team Umi Zoomi.  Milli, Bot, and their robot Geo help the kids of the city learn concepts of math, patterns, geometry and more!

Blaze and the Monster Machines

Check out our write up of Blaze.  Spoiler:  We love it!

Cyberchase: Looking Inside a Computer for Math

With a fun 80’s style join Jackie, Matt, and Inez as they fight off the dastardly Hacker while learning that math is everywhere!

Bill Nye: The Science Guy

Though his original show is no longer on the air, the man in the blue lab coat is available on Netflix to take you through every kind of science you can imagine.  Being a nerd has never been so cool.

Annedroids: The concepts of Math, Science, Andre Growing Up

Join Anne, her friends, and the androids she has created as they take apart things to get to the bottom of growing up.  While they figure out that never ending mystery they learn all about math, science, and engineering.


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