5 Great Things on Netflix Your Kids Aren’t Watching


Here are 5 things your kids aren’t watching on Netflix but should be.  There is so much great content on the streaming giant that we thought we would single out five shows.  Everything from action adventure to education one of these is certain to find a place with your kids, and maybe you too.

Ask the Story Bots:

If you haven’t yet seen Story Bots on Netflix and you and your kids are itching for something you can watch together, look no further.  In each episode a kid asks the Story Bots a question like “Why is the sky blue?” or “Why do I brush my teeth?”  The answer is delivered at the end of each episode in a music video entertaining to both kids and grownups.  Each episode is rounded out by a comedian of some kind, from Whoopi Goldberg to Weird Al Yankovic, who add to the clever nature of the show and keep the laughs coming. It is educational, entertaining, and attached to a whole slew of learning videos and apps. Check the show out on Netflix and the rest out here: http://www.storybots.com/

Great for kids 3 and up or maybe 2 depending on your kids.  Parents will get a kick out of it too.

Grown-ups: ****

Kids: ****


Trollhunters is one of the best action adventure shows for kids streaming right now.  Created by the amazing Guillermo Del Toro, and featuring some fantastic creature design, it takes us into the world of Jim Lake.  Jim spends his time between school and home making sure his single mother, a doctor, doesn’t work herself into an early grave.  He is a born caretaker, and so, a natural choice for a mysterious amulet that attaches itself to him, making him the Trollhunter.  Now he is not only responsible for his high school life, and his mother but he must protect a mythical troll market and all of its residents, as well the human world, from evil and mischief.  Once he speaks a certain phrase he is magically suited in armor and ready to defend.  It is a wonderful bit of hocus pocus and tons of fun.  Not only is the story engaging, exciting, and really funny, but it offers a diverse cast of characters that come from real, everyday situations, that grow on you as the series moves forward.  This one comes from Dreamworks and Netflix so think of it as How to Train Your Troll.  It has a bit of that look in the animation and it has the snappy characters and great writing.

Probably great for older kids.  My five year old watched it and eventually had a nightmare.  Better for an 8 or 9 year old.  Parents will enjoy for the humor and the grown up mythical aspects of the story.

Grownups ****



Zoobabu is as close as you’re going to get to a gameshow for toddlers.  A white box appears on screen and starts talking about some aspect of what it is or wants.  A voice asks it questions.  As the voice gets questions right, parts of an animal reveal themselves from the box until eventually it tells us what it is.  This happens over and over again.  Thats pretty much the show.  Personally, I get board after five minutes, but, the show is not for me, its for the kids, and the kids, love it.  It is a terrific way to learn about nature and animals, the animation is cute and clever, and there is constant variety for the kids.

A great guessing game for kids

Grown-ups: **1/2

Kids: ****

The Deep:

A terrific adventure show from Australia that owes a lot to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  The Nekton family live aboard a futuristic submarine, The Arronax.  They explore the uncharted parts of the ocean while at the same time falling into mysteries of the deep (See what I did there?).  Being a big time fan of Jules Vern, and science fiction of the like, I found myself totally drawn into The Deep while watching it with my five-year-old.  It is a lot action adventure, tempered with some education about the sea and the kind of creativity you don’t always find in this kind series for kids.  If I liked this show a lot my son liked it even more.  He would have watched as many as he could, had I not cut him off.

Great for kids from 5 and up!  It’s exciting and full of kid like wonder.



Chiro and Friends

Chiro is a strange little show from Korea about a chicken named Chiro and his friends.  It has been dubbed into english by english actors which give it a sort of Teletubbies feeling but animated.  Also, all of the characters are cubes. I’m not sure why.   Each episode has two segments that usually revolve around learning a lesson of some kind; being a good friend, honesty etc…  My son really likes this show and it has nothing but great intentions, with the lessons it imparts, and the way the characters respond to one another.  I’m not as crazy about it but then I’m a grown up and this is definatly made for the little kids.

Great for 3 and up.  There new some great lessons you can talk about with your kids.




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